General question and answers about PRepute

How can I pay for the service?

You can pay for PRepute via bank transfer.

What kind of companies can use the product?

The software is designed for everyone who would like to build a reputation, like agencies, communications experts of various fields, and the management of companies that send out press materials and invitations regularly.

What are the benefits of using PRepute? What makes PRepute better than the other softwares?

PRepute makes work easier: tasks are automatized and personalized, so you can do your job better, faster and more effectively. We know that certain tasks take a lot of time and resources, even if it’s the simplest thing: updating media lists and distributing press materials can be quite time-consuming, which is especially hard on employers in the current labour market. Along with that, you can see the actual results of your work by clear-cut performance statistics, so you don’t have to rely on estimated results and made up stats. Our special follow-up system is fun and rewarding, so calling journalists and influencers won’t be the most dreaded task ever. Speaking of influencers, you’ll never have to call them again to make appointments for deliveries: PRepute has a dedicated feature for it, so you can do it automatically.

How many people can use the product at our company?

Do I need to make a payment?

No one cares about products. People care about ideas. Is a product an idea? Noup. Is a brand? A good one is.