How to be the king – or queen – of press events?

Every company dreams about making amazing events. With the right ideas and tricks, it’s easier than you’d think. If you manage to keep a few important details in mind, your happening will surely be a blast!

First, take a deep breath and think about the nature of your event. Is it only relevant on an actual day? Can you play around with timing? If possible, try to organize it on a world day or an international awareness day, adjusting the topic and the message. It will make you look super relevant, and better yet – your guests and press partners will love it!

Talking about timing, also think about the schedule. Is it relevant for people who work at daytime? If so, you should probably start after the average working hours. Give the hard working folks a chance to hear you out! Remember, calendars are usually full weeks before. Try to think with the head of your guests. Are there any other events scheduled for the same day? Don’t risk losing interesting people from your audience, try to avoid organizing on busy days.

Let’s say there’s no choice – your conference must be held on the same day as other interesting events. Luckily, there’re still a few tricks on the list to spice things up. Press events are no different than other happenings, people will be more eager to participate if you are giving them extra reasons to do so. You can think about sexy researches, cool celebrities and on-site services for example. Some hot new research statistics straight out of the oven can surely do the trick: give the curious journalists an offer they can’t refuse! If your event is the primary source of those top secret details, they’ll surely be there.

If researches don’t cut it, you can still think about pulling some strings to get some celebrities on board. Getting the right person to support your cause will definitely attract some extra attention, making your press conference an event to remember! Try to invite these influencers with the topic in mind though. It’s important to have a visible connection between them and the subject you’re about to discuss.

On-site services can also be an additional value, an extra treat might exactly be what they are looking for. They’ll be able to try out some new products, interesting services, so you’re building on their personal interests, which is always a good thing to do. Finally, if you don’t organize your event to an easily accessible venue, make sure to take care of transportation as well: journalists and influencers are quite busy, so if you provide a transfer, that’s always a good point.

Your event is all set: your NASA documents are prepared, Brad Pitt is waiting to welcome the journalists, and you’ve also managed to get your hands on some hi-tech stuff for the big day

Is everything ready?


Having an outstanding event needs extra planning and more work. You should also consider making a suitable invitation, which will surely stand out. Think about creating something unusual, with the right words and the right design. Personalize the invitation as much as possible. If you know your guests, think about their nature, what they like, how they can be engaged in the easiest way.

Also, your job doesn’t end after the event: make sure to collect some information from your guests, let them know how much you care. Ask for their critics, remind them that you’re happy to hear constructive feedback.