How can you stop follow-up from being a pain in the ass?

Let’s face it: follow up is one of the most dreaded tasks of juniors, and sometimes even seniors. Awkward small talk, grumpy journalists and frustrated juniors who have to do so many calls that sometimes they don’t even remember which release are they trying to “sell”: it’s no wonder that it’s not our favorite thing to do. Is there any way we can make it more fun? We think there is!

Get proper training!

Following up is not a thing we can automatically do after dialing a number – you have to learn the tricks, so you can be really confident about it. If you’re a junior, ask your supervisor to do a few calls with you listening, and if you’re the one who’s passing the torch, make sure that you present your experience and don’t let juniors’ hands go after a call.

Always have a script ready!

Follow-ups are so much easier when you have a well-written guide: as a senior communication expert, it’s your responsibility to ensure the most effective follow-up possible. The easiest way to do so is a script which is a 5-minute work for an experienced pro, while it’s a huge help for the one who’s doing the job. Have you ever been super confused after doing eight rounds of follow-up in one day? That absolutely can’t happen with proper briefing.

Give yourself a challenge!

Doing one call after another is not motivating at all, and it doesn’t really help either if we start calling them “challenges”. When it comes to follow-up calls, we at PRepute prefer small doses and full-on support: we designed a special and rewarding follow-up system which helps you achieving your daily number of calls in a way that’s not overwhelming. Don’t believe it? Try and see it for yourself!

Don’t panic!

When you’re the introvert who’s ordering pizza online so you don’t have to make a phone call, we can imagine the anxiety you feel when you’re doing follow-up. Always remember though that the person on the other side of the line is also a human like you, who probably has the same amount of anxiety from seeing an unknown number on the phone screen. Be open-minded, polite and kind, ask about their day and be super positive – it may be a cliché, but it always works!

Save the phone numbers and make notes. Always!

Can you recall the horror you’re feeling when someone’s calling you back, and you literally have no idea who is it and why? It’s really hard to do professional follow-ups if you don’t know who’s calling you: make sure to save the name and the company of the person you dialed the second the call has ended! Notes also come handy when you’d like to stand out: is a particular journalist always grumpy after lunchtime? Does another prefer formal language and did someone cry about her sick puppy during your previous call? Always make a note about it, so you can be nice and friendly the next time you call them – believe us, they won’t ignore your calls ever!