A digital love story: how to combine social media and public relations effectively

Times are changing: engagement and interaction are no longer periodical, everything is happening 24/7. Back in the days of Miami Vice and Rainman, PR was a one-way road. The messages from the press didn’t necessarily get reactions, and even if they did, it was a bunch of mails waiting to be opened and answered on paper. Nowadays, building a community is easier than ever before.

Social media and public relations are not a matter of choice: using them at the same time increases the effectiveness of both channels. Think about having your top-notch articles on Facebook and LinkedIn: a lot of people will read it if it’s posted on the right pages. On the other hand, having a bunch of relevant articles on pages will surely lead curious people to your social media pages. It’ll result in extra followers and even more engagement!

See? SM and PR need each other. Their relationship is the type of love story you all would have cried to if you saw it on TV in the 90’s. Now, let’s see the possibilities social media brings! The visual side has never been more important: using the right design, images and animations can surely change one’s mind. It’s the first thing you notice after all, then your readers can focus on the copy. It’s all about combining the positive impressions!

If you’d like to be noticed, you have to be unique. Each day, people have to browse through billions and billions of content, from targeted ads of bad quality vacuum cleaners to cute puppy posts from their grandparents. Try surprising them! If your posts have an effect, there will be more reactions. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion either – the worst thing to happen is a group of angry people writing mad comments, but with the right tools, you can turn that to your advantage. Posting some clever answers to the sea of angry emojis will make you look even cooler in the eyes of your community. Who knows, you might even be able to change some people’s minds!

Use social media to tease. Have you written a fresh article? Let the world know on Facebook! Try advertising it in a short, informative way, making your newest piece of art sound as interesting as it gets. Also, finding some relevant influencers who are already engaging with your target audience can do wonders. Hearing someone else talk good things about your cause will be more trustworthy!

All in all, the PR-puzzle in your head should no longer consist of one or two pieces only. Think in a big picture, look at the newest trends, be fast, react as quickly as possible. Trust us, your readers will appreciate it!