4 reasons why your press release might not be working

The most frustrating part of content creation is when you’ve finally agreed on the content with the client, you sent out the material, but the long-awaited numbers are not flowing. You are stressed, because the pressure is on you, the client is stressed because they spent a lot of money on it, so everyone is unsatisfied. But is there any way to tell why? Let’s find out!

Was your material relevant? Was it actual?

The most important question that you have to ask before distributing a press release is that if your material is relevant enough. A story about winter accident statistics in July? Nope, that won’t work. Just imagine: dozens or even hundreds of releases land in an editor’s mailbox every day, and their responsibility is to pick the ones that will have the highest reach and relevance. Always double check if there’s a national holiday or international awareness day on the planned date and change your timing if needed. Have you written a release for the occasion of a world day? Remember that you’re probably not the one who thinks the same way, so always be the first one to send it out – if you’re in advance, TV and radio will have enough time to arrange coverage for your story.

Does it provide new information?

If you were the reader of your release, would you be surprised by the facts that you’ve written? If not, remember that the editor will think the same, and your story won’t be covered. Be sure to do some research, quote a well-acknowledged expert or attach some attractive photos, otherwise your email will sink deep down in the priority list.

Isn’t it too branded?

You must know the feeling when the client wants to sneak their brand into the text as many times as possible, but you’re already getting the feeling that it’s too much. Although the point of your client is just as understandable, once again, it’s really important to think with the head of the editor. If they will find your press release a well-branded PR article that you should’ve paid big bucks for, you won’t make the cut – as a comms professional, you have to make it clear for your client as well, so you don’t have to fight wars every time you’re planning a press material.

Is it sent to the right contacts?

Your story can be the best ever, if it doesn’t reach its target properly, it won’t work. Always make sure that your media list is updated and you’re using the right list: an HR-related press release won’t get any coverage when it’s sent to a lifestyle media list, and vice versa. Are you still using the media list that you inherited from your supervisor 5 years ago? That can also be a problem: if you wouldn’t like to spend hours or even days with contact list administration, try PRepute’s demo version and see how fast it can be done – trust us, it’s a life-changer!