Hi, we’re PRepute!

We have more than a decade of experience in the field of communication, so we’re completely aware of the challenges that a communications team has to face every day. We know the hard work, we know the time it takes to do the job well, we know the workforce shortage, and we know the frustration behind such hated tasks as media list updating and following up. That’s why we’re introducing PRepute, a software for PRos.

We absolutely believe in data-driven work, and we went really far to see the best examples for that – we even did volunteer work at US election campaigns to see where can we improve. We also believe that your job can be done easier, faster and way more effectively – let us help you building your or your clients’ reputation better, so you can focus on content instead of administration. Happy clients, happy journalists, happy you = it’s a 100% win situation!

Our goal is to make your life easier, and we’re not even kidding: try our demo or sign up for a month and see yourself how can a simple software improve your work performance, so you can focus on what matters the most: your clients, your people and your reputation.

Do you have a question? Feel free to contact our team!